Can I export my journals to a photobook ? How ?

Yes, that is why MobilyTrip is made for.

From your journal interface, select "photobook" and then choose what you need : a printed photobook, a digital photobook, or both. 

What do photobooks look like ?

Even if cheaper than you will find elsewhere, our photobook quality equals and often exceeds industry standards : Soft or Hard cover, heavy photo paper (170 g/m2 to 200 g/m2), strong binding, you get a bookstore-quality printing.

You can see screenshots here :

We take care of the boring part : the page layout. You can choose the background color, the font text style, and in a few clicks, you get it. 

Before placing your order, you will receive a sample of your book in PDF format, so that you can check it fits your needs.  

What about digital photobooks ?

Digital photobooks, or eBook, are a PDF version of your journals : you get it all in one single file, that you can open on any device without the need of an internet connection: iPhone, iPad with iBook, you computer.... and you can share it very easily with anyone.

Just like printed books, we take care of the page layout, so that you can get your eBook in just a few clicks.  

My account

I have not received a confirmation email to activate my account. What should I do?

You can ask for the confirmation email to be resent, either from the mobile app or from the website. On the homepage go to: "Sign in" > "Haven't received a confirmation email?"

I've forgotten my password...

To reset your password, simply go to the homepage and click on "Sign in", then "Forgot your password?".

Mobile application

Can I add photos other than those taken with my mobile?


You can add any photos that you like to your journal:
- on your mobile: you can add photos taken using the app to a place, or import them from your photo library. 
- on the website: you can add photos taken with a camera (compact or reflex) to your journal. To do this, just click on "import photos from external devices".

How do I manage my privacy settings?


You have the option of classifying your photos as "private", "restricted" or "public". We recommend that you choose:
  • "private", for photos that nobody but you can view; 
  • "restricted", for photos that you only want your followers to see (e.g. those with people in);
  • "public", for photos that can be shared with all travellers (e.g. photos of a landscape, building or food).

How can I save my battery?


Your iPhone's battery will last all day if you are careful, but it may run down if you have GPS switched on permanently. Here are a few tips for saving your battery and saving you stress:
  • Set how often your iPhone records your location according to your needs. The longer the time interval between recordings, the longer your battery will last, but this may result in your iPhone losing GPS signal from time to time and your itinerary being recorded less accurately. You need to decide what works best for you - popping out for a few hours may require different settings to going out on a full day trip!
  • Switch off GPS when you are staying in the same place for a while, and then turn it back on once you're on the move again. This will help to save your battery in the meantime.
  • You can purchase an external battery case : nowadays there are some very practical external batteries around that can also be used as a case. 50€ will get you the equivalent of a spare battery.

I have an iPhone and an iPad - can I edit my journal on both at the same time?

Not at the moment but this is something we hope to develop soon. The reason why you can't edit a journal on several devices is that there will be edition conflicts that we will have to handle properly.

Why can't I install MobilyTrip on my iPod or my iPad WiFi?

MobilyTrip allows you to describe your trip in real time and requires GPS. iPods and iPad WiFis do not have a GPS chip, which means that they can only be located in WiFi hotspots and as such cannot always determine your location when you are travelling. This is why MobilyTrip is not compatible with these products.

I have edited my trip on the website but my app hasn't updated...

At the moment data can only be uploaded in one direction - from mobiles to the website. In a future version, it will be possible to synchronise everything in both directions.

Journal edit

Can I change the locations of places?

Not at the moment, but we're working on it. The reason that we don't offer this option is because we want to ensure that information shared between travellers is as reliable as possible, and it's more reliable when it's automatically retrieved.

Can I add photos taken with external devices, such as compact or reflex cameras?


Of course! All you need to do is go to your trip's interface and click on the "import photos from external devices" button. You can then add any photos taken using another device. Photos will automatically be linked to the day and place that they were taken, thanks to the time settings on your camera.
Please note that in order for MobilyTrip to link your photos to specific places, your camera must be set to the same time/date as your iPhone.
NB: You cannot access photos on an iPad from a web interface, so you will need to import these from a Mac or PC computer.

Can I import content from old trips?

Yes ! If you have geolocalized pictures in your iPhone/iPad, just import them into a new journal and classify them into places. Those places will be correctly geolocalized, automatically.

I deleted my journal by mistake - can I get it back?

Yes, if your journal was uploaded to MobilyTrip. We store data for a fortnight after it has been deleted. Please send us a request if you would like your data restored.

Should I create one or several journals for each trip? How do I combine journals?

A journal tells the story of one trip and as such it is unusual to create several journals for a single holiday.

Combining journals is not available yet. Just contact us if you need this.

How do I delete a place or a photo?

You can delete a place or a photo from your mobile, then synchronise it with the website to update the changes. You can also delete a place or photo from your trip's web interface.

Can I export GPS data ? and Photos ?

yes : just open your journal online, click on "manage journal" then "export data".

Share your trip

I want to post my trip on Facebook but nothing is displayed.

You must link your Facebook account to the MobilyTrip app before you are able to post your trip on Facebook.

Once you have done this, a notification will automatically be posted on your Facebook wall when you synchronise data from your journal with the website, as long as new data (e.g. a place or photo at least) has been added. 

Can I export my online journal to a paper photo album?

Yes : on August 22nd, 2013. Create the best travel journals and you won't be disappointed, photobooks look great ! 

I'm a blogger - how can I use MobilyTrip in my blog?

The trip interface was designed to be integrated into any webpage as a widget. All you need to do is click on the "Share" image and then copy and paste the "Embedded code" content into your blog's webpage to include your trips!